Regulatory Audit and Good Practices

Auditorias Internas Regulatória e de Boas Práticas

In the current scenario of high competitiveness and with increasing regulatory requirements in the various sectors, Mestra Consultoria structure and modeling of audit services that assist its clients in the search for solutions of sustainable value.

Mestra Consultoria offers outsourced services, total or partial, for internal audits focused on the company’s risk management and in line with the expectations of its main Stakeholders, especially regulators, administrators and the market. Our professionals have extensive experience in the structuring and implementation of internal audit and IT departments to meet the various regulatory requirements, including:

  • Elaboration of Work Plan and Work Methodology;
  • Development of risk matrix;
  • Risk assessment by means of conformity test;
  • Measurement of risks;
  • Development and monitoring of action plans;
  • Production and maintenance of KPIs to monitor the functioning of internal controls;

Conceptualized by the client market as one of Mestra’s main specialties, working in risk business markets, which demand good corporate governance and constant attention to growing and evolving regulations.

Our audit process consists of a careful and systematic examination of the activities carried out in a given company or sector, whose purpose is to determine whether they are in accordance with the provisions planned or established in advance, whether they have been effectively implemented and are adequate to achieve the objectives. goals.

The audits are distributed in several areas of management, with several branches. Mestra has certified and qualified professionals to perform various types of audits, namely:

  • Diagnosis of compliance with the PQO – Operational Qualification Program – B3;
  • Audit of Internal Controls and Compliance (SOX, BACEN 2554, CVM 505, CVM 539);
  • Socio-environmental Risk Assessment;
  • Initial or diagnostic audit – Gap Analysis;
  • Audits of Management Systems – Quality, Environmental, Anti-bribery, SSO;
  • Audit of financial statements and accounting audit;