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Formed by consulting experts, renowned auditors, excellence management examiners and skilled professionals working in large national and internacional companies.

A History of Success

For more than 12 years a company that renews itself each day, innovating and creating new products, improving its competencies and enhancing its services in order to continue offering the best quality in specialized consulting services.


Mestra Consulting meets the New Market demands in the regulatory, strategic and competitive aspects.


Audits services are provided in different areas of management and several branches by qualified and certified professionals in various types of audits.


Performed by highly qualified professionals, Mestra´s Consulting services combine technique, experience, experience and ability to deliver practical and effective solutions.


Training and professional qualification services provided by Mestra cover a broad range of areas and are taught by professionals with extensive and practical experience. 

Corporate Governance


Great corporate governance practices translate basic principles into objective recommendations, aligning interests with the purpose of optimizing the long-term economic value of the organization.

Regulatory Compliance


Our performance model is based on direct participation of our executives in partnership with clients, as well as in a results-driven lean structure that applies a wide range of tested and approved methodologies.

Risk Management


Implemented in a number of financial institutions, the risk-management solutions developed by Mestra Consulting combine efficiency and simplicity through a pre0defined sequence of activities.

Compliance Program

In addition to ensuring compliance with applicable legal provisions and regulations, the Compliance Program is today an important factor of competitiveness, and is often a decisive factor in the decision for hiring or not hiring a company.

Implementing a compliance program is essential for any company wishing to consolidate itself in the mid- and long-term.

Whistleblower Channel

As one of the most important pillars of compliance programs, the whistleblower channel is no longer a differential and has become a mandatory item in any company seeking improvement on its internal control and integrity processes.

In addition to preventing or stopping fraudulent attitudes, a whistleblower channel serves as a platform to curb numerous types of wrongdoing, including bullying and sexual harassment, anti-competitive practices, fraud, data leakage and many other ethical deviations.

Risk Assessment/ Due Diligence

It is important that companies adopt proper procedures and controls for sound third-party risk management. In this process, identifying key risks associated with third-parties and implementing due diligence procedures in an efficient and scalable manner are essential.

Mestra Consulting provides a range of services relating to third party risk management, from advising on the definition of procedures and controls, performing reputational and background checks, and monitoring effectiveness of the whole process.

Mestra Consulting applies cutting-edge technologies to support its third-party management services.

ISO 37.001 - Anti-Bribery Management System

ISO 37001: 2017 is directly linked to compliance issues, a discipline that has been deeply debated in recent years. This norm also helps to build engagement and value integrity within companies and public entities.

An Anti-Bribery Management System is designed to foster the anti-bribery culture within an organization while implementing appropriate controls, increasing the chances of spotting risks and reducing the occurrence of corrupt practices.

LGPD - General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD) provides for controls over collection, process, storage and sharing of personal data that is handled by companies. The legislation is line with the best data management practices worldwide, and applies to all companies headquartered in Brazil, as well as companies based abroad but providing services or performing activities in Brazil.


Mestra Consulting is specialized in providing various types of training modules relating to Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risks.

Legal issues relating to misconduct arise from uninformed or poorly trained employees. Many of these problems can be prevented or mitigated through training and capacity-building programs.

Requiring all employees to receive regular training to understand not only the responsibilities that are inherent in their activities, but also their corporate and integrity responsibilities are key actions to create and maintain a productive, ethical and respectful workplace.


As a complement from their advisory services, Mestra Consulting offers a series of technology-related services through highly-qualified partners, bringing innovative solutions for those seeking competitive advantages.

Areas of Activity:

Risk Managment

The goal of managing risks is not eliminated, but understand them and control them to the point of gaining from its positive aspects.

Internal Controls and Compliance

Applicable to all types of companies, regardless of size, sector or corporate and performance characteristics.

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance practices translate basic principles into objective recommendations, aligning interests with the purpose of preserving and optimizing the long-term economic value of the organization.

Regulatory Audit and Best Practices

Mestra Consultoria offers outsourced services, total or partial, for internal audits focused on the company’s risk management and in line with the expectations of its main Stakeholders.


Used to minimize risks, when the business market needs transparency and security in the realization of its investments or specific transactions.

Certifications and Recognitions

Mestra Consultoria prepares the companies in the different stages for the search of the award.

Integrity Programs

Adopt the Compliance program of Mestra Consultoria and make your company obtain great competitive advantages.

Strategic and Budgetary Planning

The basic principle of strategic planning is to determine a direction for the Organization, the definition process being as important as the plan to be followed.



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