Strategic Planning

Planejamento Estratégico

Strategic planning is vital to the life cycle of your business!

The basic principle of strategic planning is to determine a direction for the Organization, the definition process being as important as the plan to be followed. Planning should be a time for reflection, discussion, internal interaction for internal assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and the assessment of market opportunities, the profile of competition, the elaboration of plans and the definition of objectives and goals.

But it is not enough to determine the direction, it is necessary to define how to reach it. The strategy has to be translated into specific plans and projects, containing:

  • The objectives and goals to be achieved by each strategy, preferably quantitatively;
  • What actions required to achieve the goal;
  • What resources are needed to implement each strategy – human, financial, technological;
  • The obstacles to be overcome;
  • The responsibilities and deadlines – who´s doing what, when;
  • The expected return on investment of each plan or project.

Mestra Consultoria’s methodology for the development of strategic planning is composed of:

Strategic planning stages

The Strategic Planning is a management process that concerns the formulation of objectives for the selection of Plans and Projects for its execution, taking into account the internal and external conditions to the Organization in its context and the strategic management of the expected evolution.

Context Evaluation and scenario definition

Context and scenario assessments are important and widely used methods in developing planning processes, where, based on their projections, adjustments and corrections are made in order to achieve goals and set goals in a satisfactory manner. One of the techniques widely used by Mestra Consultoria to assist in these evaluations is the SWOT, which well conducted can bring rich information and understanding of the scenarios.

Mestra Consultoria in its Strategic Planning methodology builds forecasting and / or anticipation scenarios (backcasting) based on trends in the external environment, based on the study of trends in general and sectoral environments, so that decisions entrepreneurs can be supported.

Scenario building is particularly useful in developing strategies at extreme times of economic instability. Scenarios allow strategists to make decisions in situations of false certainties or when the situation becomes complex.

Strategic Management

The strategic management process should be responsible for implementing the plans and projects that make up the strategy of the Organization or Business, aiming at obtaining the best results, constantly re-evaluating and reformulating the entire process, according to the demands and changes in the contexts of the internal organizational environment and external, in order to meet its greatest challenge, which is practical effectiveness in achieving organizational objectives. Like all management functions, the need for a permanent dynamic of planning, execution, monitoring, evaluation, adjustment and readjustment is evident.

Mestra Consultoria has a multidisciplinary team with experiences and proven experiences in several markets that together with specialists in the contracting sector constitute the differential values ​​of the delivery of Strategic Planning and Management.

In order to support the process of structuring Strategic Planning, Mestra consulting uses a variety of techniques, tools and business management methodologies, such as the BSC – Balanced Scorecard and the latest OKR – Objectives and Key Results.