Progam of integrity

Programa de Integridade

Competitive Advantages of Adopting Compliance Program

  • Prevention, detection and correction of irregularities;
  • Qualification of the company for the relationship with the public sector, foreign market and large publicly traded companies;
  • Protection of shareholders;
  • Strengthening the image;
  • Reduction of penalties related to non-compliance with sectoral norms and anti-corruption laws in Brazil and other countries.
  • Motivational factor for collaborators and talent attraction

Components of a integrity progam

Compliance Program

The work of Mestra Consultoria for the implementation of a Compliance Program follows the following steps:

1. Business knowledge and planning of the Integrity Framework

  • Interviews with executives and staff
  • Analysis of internal and external documentation – (Contracts, policies, regulations …)
  • Identification of Stakeholders
  • Identification of the necessary documentary structure
  • Identifying the Risk Management framework template
  • Analysis of financial and corporate structure

2. Risk Management Structuring

  • Identification of the main risks involved in the business (Focus on operational, legal and reputational risk)
  • Risk classification and categorization
  • Verification of controls
  • Suggested Action Plan
  • Management of the Action Plan

3. Definition, revision, elaboration and validation of the documentary integrity structure

Based on the interviews and analyzes mentioned in the previous item, define and validate the documentary structure to be developed, the following policies being suggested in advance:

  • Manual of Internal Controls and Compliance
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Term of confidentiality
  • Human Resources Policy
  • Term of Responsibility, Science and Membership

4. Elaboration of the Communication and Training Program

5. Definition of performance indicators and methodology for monitoring and maintaining the program

6. Project validation and continuity plan