Internal Controls and Compliance

Controles Internos e Compliance

Applicable to all types of companies, regardless of size, sector or corporate and performance characteristics, Regulatory Compliance Management represents, increasingly, one of the priority concerns of the Executive Boards, Boards of Directors, Committees and other stakeholders involved in the management and results of organizations.

Recurrent news of scandals, frauds, penalties, litigation, administrative proceedings, among many other events that represent effective risks not only reputational and image, but also financial, reinforce the need to structure, control and manage a system of Internal Controls and efficient Compliance and consistent with the complexity of the company’s business.

Working for more than 12 years in this segment, Mestra Consultoria has assisted and assists dozens of companies to build a strong, safe and effective Compliance structure that allows the management body of these organizations to direct their efforts and focus on conducting their business and strategies, without too much concern for the regulatory and the risks inherent in day-to-day activities.

The construction of a process-based Compliance Program, which includes the identification and management of its risks, with well implemented policies, effective controls and monitoring, allied to the guarantee of adherence by all personnel involved in the company’s activities, make up our work methodology and has been consolidated as a winning model, already recognized by our customers.

Our model of operation, with direct participation of our executives in projects in clients, lean and results-oriented structure, tested and approved methodology, besides the differentiated values ​​of our proposals when compared to other consultancies of similar quality, make Mestra Consultoria the best partner option for any Compliance related issue.